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Online Training Courses

Our advanced ECL courses cover working with relational data, super files, XML and Free-form Text Parsing. To take these courses, you must have completed the basic ECL courses first which are available free of charge.

You must complete the advanced ECL courses to take the following:

  • Applied ECL course covering using ECL code generation tools to automate operational tasks.
  • ROXIE ECL covering indexes and queries and complex query development

Find out the learning track for your needs and see the course content.

Choose a course
Training VideosOur ECL concepts videos cover a wide range of techniques to suit all levels of experience. Separate videos are also available for joins, sorts and aggregated datasets.Choose a video
Blogs and forum posts

Learn about:

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Go to the Developers Forum

Go to the Data Scientists Forum

Using embedded languages and external datastores

The EMBED language feature allows you to use a number of programming languages in your ECL code. You can also access data from a source outside your HPCC System environment.

As well as reading the relevant chapter in our ECL Developers Guide, other resources are also available:

Blog posts and forum posts are available demonstrating how to use embedded languages, covering good practices and bad habits to avoid:

Download plugins

GitHub repository 

Go to the Developers Forum

Using machine learning on HPCC Systems

Our machine learning library is also open source and available as a collection of bundles. Each bundle groups together families of related machine learning algorithms. The sources are available in our GitHub repository and there is an ongoing series of blogs to help you find out more about using machine learning with HPCC Systems. View the full list of available machine learning bundles and other types of bundles. Use the following resources to find out more:

HPCC Systems Github Repository

Visit our Blog

Go to the Data Scientists Forum

Visualizing results from your data

Visualize results generated by your ECL code using the HPCC Systems Visualizer bundle. Four types of visualizations are available including:

  • Two dimensional charts such as chart, pie and bubble
  • Multi-series and dimensional charts, such as bar and column
  • Geospatial, such as choropleths
  • General tables/grids which can display any data rather than data specific shapes

Test script and sample data are available from the Visualizer GitHub repository.

Get the Visualizer bundle

Supporting Documentation

Using the Visualizer blog post

Managing web interfaces using Dynamic ESDL

Create production web services with clean interfaces that can evolve and grow over time without breaking existing applications.

Read the User Guide

ESDL Language Reference