How can I visualize the results of my data with HPCC Systems?

The HPCC Systems Visualizer is an open source bundle which allows you to visualize results generated by your ECL code. Four types of visualizations are supported:

  • Two dimensional charts such as chart, pie and bubble
  • Multi-series and dimensional charts, such as bar and column
  • Geospatial, such as choropleths
  • General tables/grids which can display any data rather than data specific shapes

The Visualizer bundle can be installed with any IDE (including our ECL IDE), provided you have already installed the HPCC Systems Client Tools. It comes with a self test, providing some examples of its use and and some of the visualization types provided. Once you have created your visualisations, you can share them with others either by providing a direct URL to the chart in ECL Watch for others who have access to your system, or by downloading a canned version of the dashboard.

More information about how to use this bundle and the visualisations provided can be found in our blogpost Visualizing ECL and sharing your results - The HPCC Systems Visualizer. Download from the Visualizer github repository and get the guide.

The HPCC Systems Visualizer allows you to visualize your results without relying on javascript. However, you can still use javascript using features pre-dating the Visualizer bundle, which are still available. More details are available in the blogpost Visualizing your data using HPCC Systems.

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