Contribute to the HPCC Systems open source project

If you've visited our Community Forum, it's possible you have either received help from or given help to someone about an idea. Maybe you got the answer to your question simply by reading through previous comments. This is a great way to extend your knowledge of HPCC Systems and help others extend theirs. If you have found a way around a problem or have written some code that others night find useful, why not check it in? Perhaps you have found an issue and know exactly what needs to be done to resolve it. Why not contribute your fix so you don't need to remember to reapply it the next time you upgrade?

Maybe you are working on a project that requires some work to connect into HPCC Systems or vice versa. Perhaps you have an idea for a new feature or enhancement. Whatever the reason, we are interested in receiving your contribution. Send us your code so we can make it available with the HPCC Systems platform download.

A big thank you to all our code contributors for helping us to extend our codebase and for those who want to contribute, here's how:

Other ways to contribute:

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