Proposal preparation

What you can do to prepare for writing your proposal...

  • Make sure your CV is up to date. You're going to need to include some of this information on your proposal and it can be quite a good idea to have it in reserve to send to a mentor.

  • Go to our website and find out about HPCC Systems, who we are, what we do and what are project is about. Checkout the download and training pages as well as the various forums, blogs and other resources.

  • Checkout our Available Projects List and decide which project(s) interest you and suit your skills or knowledge. You don't have to be an expert, but it may help you to prepare a good proposal if you can draw on past experience to develop your ideas. 

  • Pay attention to the tasks that have been identified for the project you have chosen and give details about any calculations, algorithms you may need to use as well as preparing any ideas you may have of how to tackle the project.

  • If you have an idea of your own that you want to submit, gather together all the information you need to describe it and prepare enough detail for the various tasks that would need to be done to complete the project.

  • Think about the coding period and look at what needs to be done and how you might breakdown the tasks to fit the schedule.

  • Think about where you are going to be during the coding period and be certain you can devote the 40 hours per week that are expected by the program.

  • Make sure you are aware of our expectations of students during the coding period.

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