Tell me about the HPCC Systems Machine Learning Library

The HPCC Systems Machine Learning Library is open source and is available as a collection of bundles downloaded from the HPCC Systems githib repository. Each bundles contains a collection of related algorithms, optimised for performance using PBblas, which allows matrix operations of nearly any scale to be effectively computed on HPCC Systems.

New to machine learning? Read our blogpost Machine Learning Demystified

Want to find out how others are using HPCC Systems machine learning? 

Our blogpost Using HPCC Systems Machine Learning provides a tutorial demonstrating how to apply our machine learning bundles to your data. These bundles are supported by our Myriad Interface, allowing you to perform multiple independent machine learning activities within a single interface invocation. Find out more about the Myriad Interface.

The following HPCC Systems machine learning bundles are currently supported.

  • Core Bundles - ML_Core and PBblas

  • Supervised Learning Bundles - Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, GLM, SupportVectorMachines, Learning Trees, Generalized Neural Networks (GNN)

  • Unsupervised Learning Bundles - Means, DBScan

  • Natural Language Processing Bundles - TextVectors

More details about these bundles are available in our Machine Learning download area of our website.

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