Using embedded languages and external datastores with HPCC Systems

ECL is our proprietary programming language designed specifically for processing your big data queries efficiently.

ECL is very flexible, allowing you to embed other languages you use regularly or prefer to use via the ECL EMBED feature. We also provide a number of plugins and connectors allowing you to process data from other sources. 

Take a tour of the languages and datastores available in this blog.

Get the embedded language and external datastore plugins from the Download page on our website. Simply select your Operating System and check the ones you want to download from the Plugins list.

Additional plugins, connectors, 3rd party modules and ECL bundles are also shown below. See the full list of ECL Bundles available for you to use alongside HPCC Systems.

Currently supported embedded languages 

  • Cassandra (included in the platform)

  • C++

  • Java

  • R

  • Python

  • SQL

  • SQlite 

Find out how to use the EMBED language feature and how to project fields into EMBEDS

Using TensorFlow? Find out how to embed TensorFlow operations in ECL.

Currently supported external datastores 

Plugins, connectors and 3rd party modules

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