HPCC Systems Community Day 2016

Watch recordings of all presentations made during our Community Day Summit held on 12th October 2016. 

In addition to these presentations, we also held a Technical Poster Competition for students to present work they have completed on projects leveraging HPCC Systems. 

Welcome and Opening Keynote - Flavio Villanustre, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group - Watch Recording / View Presentation

Track 1 - HPCC Systems in Industry: Real World Use Cases

  1. Boot-strapping a Big Data Solutions Startup: HPCC Systems on Amazon - Raj Chandrasekaran, ClearFunnel - Watch Recording / View Presentation
  2. Seeing Your HPCC Systems Data Where You Want - Jerod Johnson, CData Software - Watch Recording / View Presentation
  3. ECL Builder – An ECL Web Interface for Analytics - Narasimha Gopal, Infosys - Watch Recording / View Presentation
  4. How CPL Online has Progressed with HPCC Systems & Enhanced HPCC Systems Training - David Dasher, CPL Online, & Bob Foreman, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group - Watch Recording / View Presentation

Track 2 - HPCC Systems in Academia: Beyond the Classroom

  1. Similarity Search on Big Data - J.C. Freytag & Fabian Fier, Humboldt University Berlin - Watch Recording / View Presentation
  2. Unsupervised Learning and Image Classification in High Performance Computing Cluster - Itauma Itauma, Wayne State University - Watch Recording / View Presentation
  3. Understanding High-dimensional Networks for Continuous Variables Using ECL - Syed Rahman & Kshitij Khare, University of Florida - Watch Recording / View Presentation
  4. Optimizing Supervised and Implementing Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms in HPCC Systems - Victor Herrera & Maryam Najafabadi, FAU - Watch Recording / View Presentation
  5. Game-Changing NFL Analytics with KEL - Vincent Freeh, NC State - Watch Recording / View Presentation

Track 3 - HPCC Systems in the Limelight: Success Across RELX

  1. Leveraging the AWS Cloud to Create Scalable Research Performance Analytics - Sreekanth Mopuru, Elsevier - Watch Recording / View Presentation
  2. Enabling Aviation Analytics through HPCC Systems - Michael Targett, RBI - Watch Recording / View Presentation
  3. Farm Management System - Delivering a Precision Agriculture Solution - Jeff Bradshaw & Graeme McCracken, RBI - Watch Recording / View Presentation

 Community Awards - Flavio Villanustre, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group -  Watch Recording

Track 4 - HPCC Systems in the Community: Driving Innovation

  1. Driving HPCC Systems Forward: The Roadmap Now and What the Future Holds - Moderator: Lorraine Chapman, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group - Watch Recording / View Presentation
  2. Build Something From Nothing: A Center of Excellence Approach with TechSquare Labs - Moderator: Brock Kolls, TechSquare Labs - Watch Recording

Closing - Flavio Villanustre, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group - Watch Recording / View Presentation

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