How our community uses HPCC Systems

Our vibrant open source community uses HPCC Systems in ways that we could never have imagined. Every year, we invite community members to present about their project at our Community Day Summit. A live link is available on the day so you can join us (link available on our events page) and listen to what they have to say about how they use HPCC Systems. We also hold monthly tech talks where community members showcase their projects and members of our development team talk about new developments and tips and tricks for using HPCC Systems and the ECL language. Our community includes users from many ares of industry and academia, so there is always a huge variety of topics covered.

Case studies

Add your own case study to tell us about your project and how you use HPCC Systems.

Interviews with community members

See our 5 Questions with... blog and webcast series, featuring community members talking about their work and experience of using HPCC Systems.

Video recordings of the following interviews are available on our website

Want to record a video with us to tell us about your HPCC Systems experience? We want to know all about it. 
Get in touch and share your knowledge.

  • Bob Rigini, VP of Operations, Comrise
    How statisticians streamline hiring systems 

  • Mohammad Rashti, Project Manager and Research Scientist, RNET Technologies
    HPCC Systems is Easy To Program And Deploy With Amazon Cloud

  • John Andleman, Citrix
    Simplicity And Scale For Big Data Analysis

  • Fujio Turner,Software Developer and Founder, Exabyte Big Data Meetup
    Fulfilling The Promise Of Scalability And Usability

  • Dr Richard Murphy, Sandia National Laboratories
    Sorting Thorugh Of Petabytes Of Data

  • Luc Pezet, Information Engineer, Archway Health Advisors
    Security & Ease Of Use Allows Experimentation

  • Nikolaos Vasiloglou, CEO, Ismion
    Ease Of Use With Fast Learning Curve

  • Clemson University
    Amy Apon, Professor, School of Computing
    From Training To Projects In One Day

    Linh Ngo, Staff Data Scientist 
    Handle Large Data Sets Efficiently And Easily

    Michael Payne, PhD Student
    Finding Meaning With Machine Learning

  • Florida Atlantic University
    Borko Furht, Professor and Director of the NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center
    Compelling Data Intensive Student Projects

    Victor Herrera, Graduate Student and Research Assistant
    Ease Of ECL For Machine Learning Programming

  • Dr Vincent W Freeh, Associate Professor, North Carolina State University
    Access To Forward Thinking Technology

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