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Overviews and walkthroughs

  • For a quick tour, see our overview diagram, learn about the features and watch an introductory video about HPCC Systems.

  • Read this white paper for an overview of HPCC Systems and find out why it is the perfect solution for today's 'big data' problems.

  • Familiarise yourself with the basic concepts and syntax of our ECL language.

Want to delve a little deeper? Try these videos:

Take a test drive using a preconfigured HPCC Systems environment

Find out how to use HPCC Systems with external resources:

  • Using R, SQL, C++, Java, Cassandra, Python and other programming languages with HPCC Systems

  • Using external datastores, plugins, connectors and 3rd party modules available for use with HPCC Systems.

  • ECL Bundles for machine learning, visualizing your data and other specific tasks.



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