Standing out from the crowd

What's really going to impress a mentor is a real example of your own work that shows exactly what you are capable of achieving. You may already have something you can include in your proposal as a result of your studies. Please do tell us about this and make sure that you clearly demonstrate your coding skills.

At the very least, you should make sure you complete steps 1-7 below. You will need to know how to do all of these before the coding period starts if your proposal is accepted. So you might as well get a head start.

If you really want to impress us, why not take it to the next level and resolve an existing issue? Ask the mentor of your chosen HPCC Systems project to help you find a suitable issue and get familiar with code review and checking in.

  1. Visit the HPCC Systems website so that you can get access to resources such as training courses.

  2. Checkout the various blog posts and browse the forums

  3. Download HPCC Systems and get an environment up and running. You will need:

  4. Get the source code.

  5. Read the information on the HPCC Systems Platform Wiki which guides you through using Git, building your own system from the sources and more.

  6. Understand the Code Release Process.

  7. If you want to start learning ECL, take an online training course.

  8. Find an issue to resolve. There are a number of JIRA issues that are tagged as 'Available for Anyone' that you could look through and choose from. 

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