Posters - 2023 HPCC Systems Intern Projects

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It is a requirement of our intern program that students create a poster illustrating their project achievements. It is not a requirement to enter the contest, although most do. Take a look (below) at the full list of posters entered by our Class of 2023 Interns.

Carlos Caceres
American Heritage School, USA
Practical Application of Generative AI Technology 

Elizabeth Lorti
King's College, England
HPCC Systems Marketing and Branding

K Dheemonth
R.V. College of Engineering, India
Sentiment Analysis in English

Kruthika Pinnada
R.V. College of Engineering, India
Resume Analyzer

Nivedha Sivakumar
Georgia State University, USA
Test Suite for a Roxie Cluster on Kubernetes

Noah Seligson
University of Central Florida, USA
Convert Automated Test Systems from Python2 to Python3

Sarah Nash
New College of Florida, USA
Causal Discovery and Validation with Categorical Data

Shyamaa Karthik
Saint Andrew's School, USA
Processing the Tamil Wiktionary Pages into a NLP++ Dictionary

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