HPCC Systems at ODSC West 2023

Live Demo talk and Workshop training: 

HPCC Systems – The Kit and Kaboodle for Big Data and Data Science(Solution Showcase)

Tuesday 10/31/2023 12:30p.m. Grand Peninsula A

Learn why the truly open source HPCC Systems platform is better at Big Data and offers an end-to-end solution for Developers and Data Scientists. Learn how ECL can empower you to build powerful data queries with ease. HPCC Systems, a comprehensive and dedicated data lake platform makes combining different types of data easier and faster than competing platforms — even data stored in massive, mixed schema data lakes — and it scales very quickly as your data needs grow. Topics include HPCC Architecture, Embedded Languages and external datastores, Machine Learning Library, Visualization, Application Security and more.

Data for Social Good – Find Your Paradise!

Wednesday 11/01/2023 11a.m. Regency Room C

The goal of this workshop is to analyze datasets across different “quality of life” categories and make correlations with the data, using the HPCC Systems platform. After analyzing, the workshop will design and demonstrate an interface to query this data and assign it a scoring system, and then deliver it to the user via HPCC ROXIE to show the user where they would most likely want to live. Users should be given choices in an easy-to-use form that when submitted will generate a unique set of scores based on locations (Example: By State).

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