HPCC Systems at ODSC East 2024

Live Demo talk and Workshop training: 

Bob Foreman Senior Software Engineer at LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Demo Talk: HPCC Systems – The Definitive Big Data Open-Source Platform

Wednesday 04/24/2024 11a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Solution Showcase: Learn why the completely free and open source HPCC Systems platform is better at Big Data and offers an end-to-end solution for Developers and Data Scientists. Learn how ECL can empower you to build powerful data queries with ease. HPCC Systems, a comprehensive and dedicated data lake platform makes combining different types of data easier and faster than competing platforms — even data stored in massive, mixed schema data lakes — and it scales very quickly as your data needs grow. Topics include HPCC Architecture, Embedded Languages and external datastores, Machine Learning Library, Visualization, Application Security and more.

HPCC Systems® for Social Good – Safe Havens!

Wednesday 04/24/2024 4:25p.m. - 5:35 p.m.

Abstract coming soon!

Workshop Resources:

  • Dedicated Cluster for ODSC East 2024

Getting up and running:

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