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Our community is extremely active, contributing in many way to our open source project. We'd like to share their achievements and celebrate their successes with you. Although 2020 presented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our collaborations have gone from strength to strength. There is plenty to review and lots to catch up that you may have missed during the year.


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HPCC Systems Tech Talk Webcast Series

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2020 Tech Talks
Use Cases and Features
ECL Tips and Training
Machine Learning
Intern Projects

Cloud Related Developer Interviews 

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Academic collaborations and the HPCC Systems Intern Program

Join our intern program in 2021
Introducing the Interns blog post
Cloud Intern Contributions
Remote Working as an Intern
Review of all 2020 Intern Projects

2020 Poster Contest
2020 Tech Talks
2020 Community Day

Our poster winners and community engagement award winners - Watch Recording

Presentation from our interns Tech Talk 35 and Tech Talk 36.

Community Day Presentations:

  • Optimal Lockdown Control for COVID-19
    Yuting Fu, Researcher, Oxford University, UK

    Watch Recording
  • Leveraging and Evaluating Kubernetes Support on Microsoft Azure
    Yash Mishra, Clemson 
    Watch Recording / View Poster
  • Using the HPCC Systems Generalized Neural Network (GNN) Bundle with TensorFlow to Train a Model to Find Known Faces Leveraging the Robotics API
    American Heritage School of Boca/Delray Robotics Team
    Watch Recording / View Poster
  • Distributed GPU Accelerated Neural Networks with GNN
    Robert Kennedy, Florida Atlantic 
    Watch Recording / View Poster
  • The Making of an Agriculture Data Lake
    Dr Vincent Freeh, Kelly Zering and Gurman Singh, North Carolina State University
    Watch Recording / View Poster
  • Athlete 360: Leveraging HPCC Systems for Player Performance and Return during COVID-19
    Christopher Connelly, North Carolina State University
    Watch Recording
  • Virtual CodeDay and the Big Data Challenge Bringing Students Together to Raise Awareness and Talent in the Big Data Analytics Field
    Tyler Menezes, Executive Director, CodeDay

    Watch Recording

HPCC Systems Blog

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Summer series of interviews with developers

Academic Collaboration Features
RV College of Engineering India, Oxford University, Imperial College London, CodeDay Summer 2020 and Winter 2020
Intern Program
Join the program in 2021, Meet the Class of 2020, Cloud Intern Contributions, Remote Working as an Intern, Review of all 2020 Intern Projects 
Developer Offsite Meeting including HPCC Systems 7.8.x, HPCC Systems 7.10.x, HPCC Systems 7.12.x
Machine Learning
TextVectors, DBSCAN, General Adversarial Networks, Stock Market and Trading Behaviours, Generalised Neural Network Bundle, Use case using the GNN Bundle, Forensic Application of Audio Classification, Soccer AnalyticsIntegrating Prior Knowledge with Learning in Biomedical Natural Language Processing
Securing your HPCC Systems Environment and Protecting your Data
Features and enhancements
ECL Extension for VS Code, Workunit Analysis Tool, ECL Syntax Highlighting, Embedded Languages and Datastores, Executing Multiple Workflow Items in Parallel, Implementing Usability Features in REAL-BI, Universal Workunit Scheduler, Thor Monitor, The Spark/HPCC Systems Ecosystem
Thought leadership
COVID-19 - Is there a better way to tell the story?, Balancing Macro and Micro Innovation to Drive Business Success

HPCC Systems New Cloud Native Platform Resources

Full list of available resources

Summer series of interviews with developers

How to... Videos on the HPCCSystems YouTube Channel

Getting started:
Path to the cloud, Setting up on Microsoft Azure, Setting up on AWSPersisting Data, Configuring Storage, Importing Data, Helm Chart GitHub Repo, Using and Configuring the Helm Chart
Student contributions:
Setting up on AWS, Leveraging and Evaluating Kubernetes support on Microsoft Azure, HPCC Systems on the Google CloudCloud Intern Contributions

HPCC Systems and COVID-19 Pandemic Research

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Where we have been

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Tech Talks
HPCC Systems Community Day


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ECL Language Resources

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Online Training - Including:

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  • HPCC Systems for Managers
  • HPCC Systems Administration

Social Media and communications

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