HPCC Systems Red Book

Download the HPCC Systems Bare Metal Platform and view the release notes.

The HPCC Systems® Red Book contains useful information to help you manage the transition between releases. Some releases may require you to make configuration changes or modify your ECL code. The Red Book contains the information you need to make these changes in advance so you can get started with the newest version right away.

We encourage feedback particularly from our early adopters who provide us with valuable tips that we want to pass on to all our users. The Red Book helps you to take advantage of their experience so you can make the transition between releases smoothly. You will find the following types of information here.

  • Information from HPCC Systems® developers about changes which require you to modify previous behaviors

  • Advice which helps you to modify what you do to get better use out of the system

  • Details of the recommended approach to take in specific circumstances

  • Feedback about operational problems early adopters encountered and how they overcame them

  • Feedback from ECL programmers about problems they encountered and how they overcame them

Keep checking the Red Book as it is constantly updated with new information and tips as soon as we know about them.

HPCC Systems 9.8.x (advance notice)

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HPCC Systems Cloud Native Platform - Now Available

HPCC Systems 8.0.0 includes the first release that is feature complete to the point where our Cloud Native platform is now ready for Cloud performance evaluation.

More information about our Cloud Native platform is available on our website and our Cloud Native Platform Wiki. Visit our Helm Chart GitHub Repository and see some examples of use to help you get setup.

Details of the most recent new features and improvements are available in our HPCC Systems 8.0.0. - Cloud Native Highlights blog.

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