Getting help

We want your experience of using HPCC Systems to be successful, so if you are having some problems getting up and running, need some advice about ECL, or have a specific aim in mind and don't quite know how to achieve it, there are ways for you to get help. We also want to know if you have found an issue or discovered a missing feature that may help you and other HPCC Systems users to achieve a goal more easily. 

Register on our website and post in our forums to find out what's happening on our open source project, read about other users's experiences, ask questions and post comments (registration is required to post) which may be answered by other users or an HPCC Systems developer. 

Our users tell us that they learn a lot from the developers who post in our forums on our website. Whether you are new to HPCC Systems or an experienced users, other developers may have found ways to solve problems similar to yours. It's a great place to go to spend some thinking time while you work out how to move on with your project.

Our GitHub repository is also a great resource for information about contributing. Readmes are scattered around the various repositories, providing usage information and guidelines.

Our Red Book provides details of known issues and work arounds. 

All pages in this wiki are subject to our site usage guidelines.