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Some benefits of using Ingress for cloud are that it comes with a wide range of features, such as access control, basic authentication, providing a singular access point for external traffic, and advanced routing.

André Fontanez Bravo Bravo      Image AddedBest Poster - Research
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil


By the end of the study two final models were obtained through two different methods of optimization. The first one is better to filter loan requests to obtain a higher proportion of good loans, while the second one is better to filter loan requests discarding as few good loans as possible.

Atreya Bain       Image Added2021 Community Choice Award
RVCE, Bengaluru, India

Improvements on HSQL: A SQL-like language for HPCC Systems


In short, this project shows that by combining Big Data and Analytics with HPCC Systems could be a promising alternative to prevent and locate frauds, using registration inconsistencies as a tool to raise potential fraudulent companies and company partners.

Carina Wang       Image AddedBest Poster - Data Analytics
American Heritage School, FL, USA


The project consists of a structure formed by .ecl files, that includes a section to run the build hourly in the cron, a section to collect all the information from each server of a cluster, collate it, and create a key to be used by the service, and the service itself; and an HTML file which is a dashboard that shows the file system usage across all clusters. The user will be able to select the desired cluster and thus have access to data and usage graphs over time (virtual size and real occupied area of the disk). Each dot on these charts, when clicked, will call a roxie service showing the five main scopes and their relative usage in a pie chart, all using the Visualizer Bundle. With the tool we will provide an alert that is triggered when the cluster is running out of memory. The ultimate goal of this project is to provide the tool for people to use in any cluster.

Jeff Mao       Image AddedBest Poster - Use Case
Lambert High School, GA. FL


Lessons learned from this study not only can help with managing the COVID-19 pandemic but also help with early and effective management of possible future pandemics. The project used the HPCC Systems platform for collecting, hosting, and analyzing the data. For more details, please visit 

Nikita Jha       Image AddedBest Poster - Platform Enhancement
Northview High School, GA. USA