Poster Presentations 2021 by Academic Partners

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The following students worked with with our academic partners in 2021. Their poster presentations featuring their HPCC Systems related projects, will be on show at our Virtual Community Day Summit in 2021

Find out about the posters submitted by HPCC Systems interns of 2021 and view abstracts for all submissions. See the full list of poster entries.

André Fontanez Bravo
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Big Data and Logistic Regression applied to Analysis of Loan Requests

Best Poster - Research

Bruno Carneiro Camara
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Preventing Fraud by Registration Inconsistencies

Chirag Bapat
RV College of Engineering, India

Comparative study of HPCC Systems and Hadoop

Deeksha Shravani
RV College of Engineering, India

Developing a Recommendation System for a Virtual Reality based Supermarket using Big Data Platforms

Francisco Ciol Rodrigues Aveiro 
Insper, Sao Paulo, Brazil

HPCC Systems Ingress Configuration with AWS ALB

Guilherme Santos da Silva
Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, Brazil

HPCC Systems File Usage Monitor

Luiz Fernando Cavalcante Silva
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Massive data analysis in public management: A proposal to identify outliers in the São Paulo city government's real estate registry

Murtadha D. Hssayeni
Florida Atlantic University

The Forecast of COVID-19 Spread Risk at The County Level

Shivani C H
RV College of Engineering, India

COVID-19 Cases and Vaccination Data Tracker in India

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