HPCC Systems Technical Presentations

Here at HPCC Systems, we have a vibrant academic program supporting research projects at a number of universities and high schools. In 2016, we decided to hold a technical poster presentation competition, inviting students working on HPCC Systems related projects to showcase their research and achievements. It was a great success and we intend to hold this competition annually going forward into the future. The competition is held alongside our annual Community Day Summit and we ask representatives from inside and outside LexisNexis to judge the posters based on their knowledge of HPCC Systems, technology and data science.

If you are a student working on an HPCC Systems related project, it is a great opportunity for you to demonstrate the work you have completed to a large group of community members who are gathered at our summit specifically to learn and talk about anything related to our open source project. We are always delighted and extremely interested to hear about innovative ways HPCC Systems may be used to get the results academic and business leaders need.

Let us know that you are working on an HPCC Systems related project and that you are interested in taking part in our next poster competition. This competition is open to high school students, Undergraduates, Masters and PhD students.

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