HPCC Systems Technical Presentations 2017

HPCC Systems collaborates with several academic institutions both in the USA and UK. We also run the HPCC Systems intern program, welcoming students on to the team during the summer recess to work on HPCC Systems related projects. We held a technical presentation competition at our annual Community Day Summit in 2017. The aim of this competition was to give students working on HPCC Systems related projects, an opportunity to showcase their work to a wide audience of HPCC Systems open source community members and LexisNexis employees.

The students

There were 10 entries in total from a number of universities including, Clemson University, Kennesaw State University, North Carolina State University and Wayne State University. For the first time this year, we also had a high school student (from NSU University School, Florida) enter this competition. Read the blog.

Students back row, Zhe Yu, Cerise Walker, George Mathew, Yuheng Du, Vivek Nair, Chin-Jung Hsu
Front Row, Nusrat Asrafi, Lili Zhang, Lily Xu, David Skaff

Our judges

Four of the judges were from LexisNexis, including Jo Prichard, Tasha Reid, Becky Champion and Mark Kelly. The fifth judge, Victor Herrera, a PhD student at Florida Atlantic University, has previously spoken at our summit in 2016, about his project relating to unsupervised and supervised learning using the HPCC Systems Machine Learning Library.

Judges from the left, Victor Herrera, Tasha Reid, Becky Champion, Mark Kelly and Jo Prichard

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