HPCC Systems Technical Presentations 2023

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Our intern program, welcomes students on to the HPCC Systems platform team during the summer months to work on HPCC Systems related projects. Our Academic Program (learn more here) supports research projects requiring data analytics and as a result, students working on these projects are also eligible to enter this contest. In fact, any student working on an HPCC Systems related project is welcome to enter this contest, regardless of whether they are an intern, academic partner contributor or any student independently working on a project that uses HPCC Systems.  

Our Technical Poster Contest has been held every year at our Community Day event since 2016. Take a walk down memory lane and look at the variety and of the contributions that have been showcased at our poster contest over the years. The aim of this contest is to give students working on HPCC Systems related projects, an opportunity to present their achievements to a wide audience of HPCC Systems open source community members and LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group employees. 

Our 2023 Poster Contest was held virtually and we thank students and judges for finding time in their busy schedules to view each presenter's poster resources and join the Q and A sessions. Our judges always find it very difficult to choose winners from the submissions since all projects are completed to a very high standard by the dedicated students working on them. Yet winners must be chosen.

Our 2023 Poster Contest Winners were announced during our 2023 HPCC Systems Community Day Summit.

In 2023, our Community Choice Award was again chosen by those who attended our Community Day event and voted for their favorite poster project.

Our judges chose the winners in the following categories:

  • Best Poster - Data Analytics

  • Best Poster - Platform Enhancement

  • Best Poster - Use Case

  • Best Poster - Research

Find out more about our 2023 Judging Panel and the virtual judging process.

About the Students

36 posters were entered into our 2023 Poster Contest, which exceeds our previous total of 26 submitted in 2022.  Students presented from 3 continents:

  • Asia

  • North America

  • South America

The students ranged from high school right through to PhD level and showcased projects covering a wide variety of topics as shown below. Simply click on the poster title to view more details.


Adarsh U
R.V. College of Engineering, India
Enhance the NLP English Dictionary

Aryaman Gautam
Mukesh Patel School of Technology, India
HPCC Systems local deployment in K3D clusters

Carlos Caceres
American Heritage School, USA
Practical Application of Generative AI Technology 

Chandan Kasamsetty
R.V. College of Engineering, India
Implementing a Bitcoin Block Parser Using ECL and C++

Charvi Dave
Mukesh Patel School of Technology, India
Resume analyzer in NLP++

Elizabeth Lorti
King's College, England
HPCC Systems Marketing and Branding

Fulvio Favilla Filho
University of São Paulo, Brazil
Machine Learning Approach to Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Prediction

Jayanth C
R.V. College of Engineering, India
 Scalable Analysis of English Dictionary Files on HPCC Systems

Jnyanadeep Bandaru
R.V. College of Engineering, India 

K Dheemonth
R.V. College of Engineering, India
Sentiment Analysis in English

Kruthika Pinnada
R.V. College of Engineering, India
Resume Analyzer

M M Arjun
R.V. College of Engineering, India
HPCC Systems for Healthcare Wearable Devices

Mohammed Mohsin Hussain
R.V. College of Engineering, India
Visualizing Drug Use Prevalence and Drug Prices Across Countries Using HPCC Systems

Nikhil Vasu
R.V. College of Engineering, India
Analysis of US Banking & Credit Card sector using HPCC Systems

Nivedha Sivakumar
Georgia State University, USA
Test Suite for a Roxie Cluster on Kubernetes

Noah Seligson
University of Central Florida, USA
Convert Automated Test Systems from Python2 to Python3

Prashant Ronad
R.V. College of Engineering, India
Leveraging HPCC Systems for natural disaster management in Asia

Rohhun Laiju
R.V. College of Engineering, India
Image Conversion Plugin for GNN Module on HPCC Systems

Samhitha S
R.V. College of Engineering, India
Visualization and Determination of Air Quality

Sarah Nash
New College of Florida, USA
Causal Discovery and Validation with Categorical Data

S Dhanush
R.V. College of Engineering, India
Data-Driven IPL Team Selection: Leveraging T20 Statistics

Shivam Razdan
R.V. College of Engineering, India
Cannabis User Prediction based on Personality Traits and Demographics

Shyamaa Karthik
Saint Andrew's School, USA
Processing the Tamil Wiktionary Pages into a NLP++ Dictionary

Skanda P R
R.V. College of Engineering, India
Analyzing and Visualizing Causes of Poverty in India

Talasila Dheeraj
R.V. College of Engineering, India
Data Analysis and Visualization on Google Play Store Apps Dataset using ECL

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