Develop and Assess Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Methods

This project was completed as a intern opportunity with HPCC Systems in 2019. Curious about projects we are offering for future internships? Take a look at our Ideas List

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Project Description

Create an ECL Bundle encompassing several widely used Anomaly Detection algorithms.  Identify at least one algorithm that is parallelizable and implement efficiently in ECL:

  • Identify a publicly available dataset and method for assessing anomalies in the data

  • Research state of the art Anomaly Detection algorithms and choose two or more for implementation

  • Implement methods in ECL on HPCC Systems cluster, and assess results in identifying target anomalies.

By the mid term review we would expect you to have:

  • To have implemented atelast one algorithm and tested it.


Roger Dev
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Backup Mentor: TBD
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Skills needed
  • Knowledge of ECL. Training manuals and online courses are available on the HPCC Systems website.

  • Knowledge of distributed computing techniques

  • Knowledge of anomaly detection algorithms

  • Checked in code for the implementation in github

  • Determine an appropriate dataset for testing the algorithms.

  • Test code demonstrating the correctness and performance of the algorithm.

  • Supporting documentation.

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