HPCC Systems Intern Program - Class of 2016

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Syed Rahman, a returning student, presented about his machine learning project, Understanding High-dimensional Networks for Continuous Variables Using ECL at our Engineering Summit in October 2016 (view presentation slides). All presentations made at the 2016 HPCC Systems Engineering Summit - Community Day are available on our website here:

The following student projects were completed as part of the HPCC Systems Intern Program 2016:

  1. Implement a Latent Semantic Analysis Algorithm in ECL

  2. Empower ECL-ML: How to make the HPCC Systems Machine Learning Library easier to use

  3. Implement a YinYang K-Means Clustering Algorithm in ECL

  4. Implement the Converse Sparse Cholesky Selection Algorithm in ECL

This project was completed by Shweta Oak as an independent voluntary contribution. 

HPCC Systems technical poster presentations by our students and academic partners

Every year, HPCC Systems holds an engineering summit and the first day of the summit is reserved for  'Community Day', where partners, contributors and other community members attend and present about how they are using HPCC Systems. We like to showcase the work of our students at this event. We also hold a Technical Presentation Competition for students who are USA based, working on HPCC Systems related projects. This includes not only our students interns, but also any students working on projects alongside our academic/industry partners.

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