Deploy HPCC Systems Platform on Google Cloud

This project was completed during the 2020 HPCC Systems Intern Program by Jefferson Mao, Lambert High School, Suwanee, GA, USA.

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Project Description

HPCC Systems Platform 7.8+ is able to be deployed on local Kubernetes and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)  using "azurefile" as a out of box solution. We will add AWS EKS with EFS soon. Google Cloud is another major Cloud provider and we want to make HPCC System Platform can deployed on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) as well. We have some developers doing some initial work in this area (create a NFS pod and storage class, for example).  This project will cover

1) Testing HPCCSystems Cluster   2) Pod Horizontal Autoscaler , Pod Vertical  Autoscaler and GKE Node Autoscaler. 3) Explore Anthos support with HPCC Systems Platform Cluster on GKE.

HPCC Systems Cloud on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) initial work: nfs.yaml and values-for-gke.yaml

Reference following blogs for how to use these two files.

Completion of this project involved

1) Deploy HPCC Systems Platform 7.8+ Cluster on GKE

2) At least support Pod Horizontal Scaling PH.

3) Optional support Pod Vertical Scaling and GKE node scaling

4) Explore an initial support of Anthos for HPCC Systems Cluster

5) Explore and if possible provide supports of Cloud Run for HPCC Systems Cluster


Xiaoming Wang

Backup Mentor: Godson Fortil

Skills needed
  • Ability to build and test the HPCC system (guidance will be provided).

  • LInux , Bash and maybe Python

  • Knowledge of Kubernetes, Docker Containers

  • Knowledge of Google Cloud



  • Deploy HPCC System Cluster on GKE and test HPCCSystems Platform

  • Test with Horizontal scaling  and optional verical scaling and GEK Node autoscaler 

End of project

  • Deploy HPCC System Cluster on GKE with supports of various scaling

  • Provide solution or research result for Anthos  and optional Cloud Run support

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