HPCC Systems Intern Program - Class of 2015

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The work of Sarthak Jain and Michael Tierney was shown at our 2015 Summit. The work of Evan Sheridan was also shown as part of Michael Tierney's YouTube video since their projects, while starting out separately, eventually converged. Syed Rahman attended the summit and presented separately about his Machine Learning project.  We also ask students to write a blog journal and links to these are available from the project pages listed below.

All presentations made at the 2015 HPCC Systems Engineering Summit - Community Day are available on our website here

Direct links to the student projects presentations from the 2015 HPCC Systems engineering summit are here:

We were awarded 2 GSoC slots in 2015. The following projects were accepted and completed as part of the Google Summer of Code Program 2015:

  1. Add new statistics to the Linear and Logistic Regression Modules

  2. Expand the HPCC Systems Visualization Framework (Web Based)

The following projects were completed as part of the HPCC Systems Summer Internship Program 2015:

  1. Improve child query processing

  2. Implement the CONCORD algorithm

  3. Integrate visualizations into the Eclipse IDE driven by HIPIE

  4. Add support to Eclipse for the HIPIE language

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