Available Projects

The proposal period for 2024 internships is now closed! Applications for the 2025 program will open by fall.

Browse the list below. One you have selected a project, we recommend that you contact the mentor to discuss your ideas.

Full details of how the application process works are available in this blog or in this recording. Also, see our Proposal Guidelines and an example to help you prepare your proposal submission.

If you are new to HPCC Systems, find out more about here and view our tips on how to prepare for your project and internship.

The projects listed here are available as student work experience opportunities with HPCC Systems as part of our summer intern program. Submissions are welcome from high school through to PhD. Find out about our Class of 2023 and their projects.

Contact our intern program mailbox with your questions about the program.

  1. Adding dataset support to the HPCC Systems Wasm plugin - no longer available

  2. Create a new HPCC command line tool - no longer available

  3. Develop an Automated ECL Watch Test Suite - no longer available

  4. Extending the wasm wit interface for HPCC Systems - no longer available

  5. HPCC Systems Terraform CI with Github Actions - no longer available

  6. Interfacing a Vector Database with ECL -- no longer available

  7. Interfacing your own suggested external datastore with ECL - no longer available

  8. Investigate Third Party Environments Working with HPCC Systems - no longer available

  9. Migrate and improve regression testing in GitHub Actions - no longer available

  10. Refactoring and releasing PyHPCC - no longer available

  11. Test suite for the HPCC Systems Parquet plugin - no longer available

  12. Update and improve the generation of package files for HPCC Systems build - no longer available


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