2020 Tech Talks Catch-up

Missed a tech talk? Don't worry! Recordings are available to help you catch up on all the topics we've covered so far. Find out more details, including the link to the recording, slides and recap blog for each Tech Talk.

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 37 - HPCC Systems Community Day Recordings 2020

We took this Tech Talk 'on the road' as part of our Community Day Summit.

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 36 - September 17th 2020

  • HPCC Systems Intern Project: Applying HPCC Systems Word Vectors to SEC Filings

  • HPCC Systems Intern Project: Implementing a Multi-node, Multi-GPU Accelerated Deep Learning Algorithm using GNN

  • HPCC Systems Intern Project: Implementing a Preprocessing Bundle for the HPCC Systems ML Library

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 35 - Thursday August 12th 2020

  • HPCC Systems Intern Project: The Parallel Workflow Engine

  • HPCC Systems Intern Project: How to Establish HPCC Systems on the Google Cloud Platform

  • HPCC Systems Intern Project: Using the HPCC Systems Generalized Neural Network (GNN) Bundle with TensorFlow to Train a Model to Find Known Faces Leveraging the Robotics API

HPCC Systems Summer Series of Cloud Related Interviews with Our Developers

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 34 - Thursday May 21st 2020

  • Workunit Analysis Tool Update

  • ECL Cloud IDE

  • Video Training Series

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 33 - Thursday April 23rd 2020

  • Academic Partner Collaboration, Imperial College, London - Integrating Prior Knowledge with Learning in Biomedical Natural Language Processing

  • Introducing the Universal Workunit Scheduler

  • HPCC Systems - ECL Training Update

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 32 - Thursday March 19th 2020 

  • HPCC Systems Thor Monitor - Using Workunit Services and Power BI to Monitor Thor Activity

  • Diversity and Inclusions in HPCC Systems

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 31 - Thursday February 20th 2020

  • LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group, Brazil Intern Project - Infrastructure analysis of elementary schools in Brazil using HPCC Systems

  • Academic Partner Collaboration, Clemson University - Deploying HPCC Systems on Microsoft Azure

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 30 - Thursday January 23rd 2020

  • LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group, Brazil Intern Project - Studying Crime Patterns in São Paulo state between 2006 and 2016

  • HPCC Systems intern Project 2019 - Machine Learning and the Forensic Applications of Audio Classification: An exploration of the forensic applications of sound classification using Artificial Neural Nets

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