Tech Talk 32 - March 19th 2020

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Guest Speakers and subjects: 

  1. Jessica Skaggs, Consulting Software Engineer, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group - Watch Recording
    HPCC Systems Thor Monitor - Using Workunit Services and Power BI to Monitor Thor Activity

    The ECL Workunit Services standard library functions can be used to capture details about workunits running on Thor including processing time, errors, current state, and more. Capturing these details allows for monitoring, trending, error analysis, degradation, and other data points that can help improve the efficiency of your Thor environments.  We will look at how to use this information to monitor the system with visualizations in Power BI.

    Jessica has been with LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group since 2001. She spent 16 years as a developer and technical lead with the Legal & Professional division, before moving to her current role 2.5 years ago when she began learning about and working with HPCC Systems, ECL, and Power BI. She has a BS degree in Systems Analysis from Miami University (OH).

  2. Sarah Fabius, Systems Engineer III, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group - Watch Recording
    Diversity and Inclusions in HPCC Systems

    This talk will cover how we are working to bring HPCC Systems to underrepresented groups through events like ECL Code camp for Irise2 and Women in Tech events.

    Sarah has worked for LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group for more than five years, where she is a Systems Engineer and an HPCC Systems ambassador. Sarah has a passion for technology and she enjoys finding unique ways to promote diversity and inclusion within the HPCC Systems Community. Throughout the year, you can find Sarah leading ECL Code Camps and conferences for women in technology, including the annual She is Tomorrow’s Technologist, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group conference for female students interested in technology.


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