2018 Tech Talks Catch up

Missed a tech talk? Don't worry! Recordings are available to help you catch up on all the topics we've covered so far. Find out more details, including the link to the recording, slides and recap blog for each Tech Talk.

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 19 - Thursday November 15th 2018

  • Set up Automatic Builds for the continuous integration of ECL queries stored in GIT using Jenkins

  • Measuring the geo social distribution of Opioid Prescriptions

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 18 - HPCC Systems Community Day Recordings 2018

We took this Tech Talk 'on the road' as part of our Community Day Summit.

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 17 - Thursday September 13th 2018

  • Equivalence terms for the Text Search bundle

  • Fraud detection on transactional data using  time series mining approach

  • Using HPCC Systems ML to map thousands of violation descriptions to standard violation codes

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 16 - Thursday August 2nd 2018

  • Dimensionality Reduction and Feature Selection in ECL-ML

  • Parallel Distributed Deep Learning on HPCC Systems

  • Developing HPCC Systems Data Ingestion APIs for Common Robotic Sensors

  • MPI Proof of Concept

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 15 - Thursday June 28th 2018

  • Deep Sequence Learning in Traffic Prediction and Text Classification

  • ECL Summer Code Camp Review

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 14 - Thursday May 17th 2018

  • High School Autonomous Agricultural Project

  • Meet our summer interns

  • Current/Longest Event Sequence by Month

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 13 - Thursday April 19th 2018 

  • The Future of Automotive Telemetry: Assessing Autonomous Vehicle Risk Implications using Simulated Data

  • Developing A Custom, Pluggable HPCC Systems Security Manager

  • ECL Tip: Understanding the ECL Watch Graphs

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 12 - Thursday March 15th 2018

  • Conducting exploratory data analysis in educational research using HPCC Systems®

  • Big Data and Geospatial with HPCC Systems® 

  • ECL Tips and Trick: The Top Ten Common ECL Compiler/Runtime Errors, and how to correct them

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 11 - Thursday February 15th 2018

  • Scaling Data Science capabilities: Leveraging a homogeneous Big Data ecosystem

  • HDFS Connector Preview

  • ECL Tips and Cool Tricks - Building a RELATIONal Dataset - A Valentine’s Day Special!

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 10 - Thursday January 18th 2018

  • Asking the Right Questions with Machine Learning

  • Creating Front-facing Web Services to Deliver your HPCC Systems Query Data

  • ECL Tips and Cool Tricks - Exploring some interesting PARSE techniques used in date parsing

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