Posters presentations by HPCC Systems interns

The following students entered poster presentations about their HPCC Systems internship project on Community Day at the HPCC Systems Engineering Summit in 2016. Find out about the posters submitted by students working with our academic partners and view abstracts for all submissions. See the full list of poster entries.

  1. Yinyang K-Means Clustering Algorithm in HPCC Systems
    Lily Xu
    PhD student of Computer Science
    Clemson University

  2. Column Level Security on HPCC Systems
    Suk Hwang Hong
    Final year student of Computer Science
    Georgia Tech

  3. Understanding high dimensional networks for continuous variables - The CSCS Machine Learning Algorithm 

    3rd Place Winning Entry
    Syed Rahman
    PhD student of Statistics
    University of Florida

  4. Empowering the HPCC Systems ECL-ML Library 

    2nd Place Winning Entry
    Vivek Nair
    PhD student of Computer Science
    North Carolina State University

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