2023 Poster Contest Judges

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Meet our four 2023 Poster Contest judges. Three of our judges are colleagues representing different LexisNexis Risk Solutions teams and our external judge is a former HPCC Systems Intern who entered this contest in 2020 and 2021.

This year due to the abundance of Poster Submissions we have split the Judges to cover 2 separate groups of competition participants.

Judging focuses on the following categories:

Content - The originality of the project and relevance to the HPCC Systems open source platform and community.

Poster Design - The organization and the visual appeal of the poster as well as the relationship with the content.

Presentation - How the student communicated their ideas, including the flow and clarity of the video presentation.

Please see below to know a little more about this year's judges for the 2023 HPCC Systems Poster Competition.

Amila De Silva Senior Software Engineer • LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Amila De Silva is a Software Engineer on the Innovation Engineering team of LexisNexis Risk Solutions. She joined the company in 2018 after completing her Master’s degree in Computer Science from St. Cloud State University. Since then, Amila has been involved in projects that leverage various kinds of technology, such as automation, building scalable applications, machine learning, and web design. She constantly seeks a holistic, inclusive, and simplified approach when designing software. One of her current technical expeditions includes migrating existing internal applications to the Azure Cloud with her team. Amila is the recipient of the 2019 Risk Solutions Ada Lovelace Award for the Rising Star in Technology. When Amila is not glued to her computer screen, she spends her time reading mind-bending books, painting, and practicing yoga.

Michael Gardner Software Engineer III • LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Michael has been with the HPCC Systems Platform team since 2014.  His responsibilities revolve around the HPCC Systems Platform init systems, administration scripts, and project builds.  In addition to his work on the platform, Michael maintains and contributes to several HPCC Systems Java projects. His most recent undertakings include updating the Platform to leverage systemd, and migrating the wssql project from using antlr3 to antlr4.

Jeff Mao
Co-founder @SellRaze • CS student at Georgia Tech

Jefferson was a returning student to the HPCC Systems Intern Program, having completed his first internship with us in 2020. He completed a project that contributed to the ongoing development of our Cloud Native platform by evaluating Using HPCC Systems on the Google Cloud Platform. In 2021, his project involved using our Cloud Native platform but as a use case for his chosen project. Jeff has been concerned about the increasing negative interactions across the internet, especially social media platforms, where bullying and trolling can be a problem. This Toxicity Detection feature was designed by Jeff to be able to spot cyberbullying in the text of messages. As well as using our Machine Learning Library, Jeff also used GitOps demonstrating how the creation and deployment of HPCC Systems clusters through Arc and GitOps provides a number of beneficial functions such as central versioning, continuous integration and delivery etc. 

As well as the resources included here, read Jeff's intern blog journal which includes a more in depth look of his work during his 2021 internship. To learn more about his 2020 intern project, view the poster Jeff entered into our 2020 Poster Contest

Mauricio Nunes de Oliveira
Manager Software Engineering • LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Mauricio Nunes joined LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group in 2015, during a summer program in Alpharetta, where he got involved with the HPCC Systems. Since then, he has been an integral part of the Business Services projects in Brazil, working as a Software Developer at first, helping design and build the solutions, as well as recruiting and training local talent. He currently works as a Manager of Software Engineering, leading two technology teams into providing support for the solutions delivered, as well as building new products to expand our portfolio in Brazil.

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