Tech Talk 4 - April 20th 2017

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  1. Gordon Smith - Enterprise/Lead Architect, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group - Watch Recording
    Visualizer - The ECL Bundle

    Bridging the gap between ECL and the Visualization Framework (JavaScript/html), it allows ECL developers to embed visualizations and dashboards in their workunits with a few lines of ECL.

    Gordon is an Enterprise/Lead Architect and manager of the HPCC Systems supercomputer clients. He is a member of the HPCC Core Platform team and a LexisNexis employee for over 18 years. Gordon is the principle developer for ECL related development and visualization tools, including the ECL IDE, ECL Plugin for Eclipse, ECL Watch, ECL Execution Graph Viewer and more recently the HPCC Visualization Framework.

    Gordon is also involved in our HPCC Systems intern program and serves as a mentor on any projects relating to the HPCC Visualization Framework and/or a web based debugging front end for ECL.

  2. John Holt, Enterprise/Lead Architect, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group - Watch Recording
    An Update on the Machine Learning Bundles

    Introducing two new Bundles planned for the HPCC Systems 6.4 platform release and the bundles that are currently targeted for the 7.0 platform release.

    Dr. Holt is an Enterprise/ Lead Architect for LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group. Dr. Holt directs various projects such as the evolution of the Insurance Applications Systems to help assess risk and detect fraud which leverages the HPCC Systems platform.

    Dr. Holt has been with LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group for 36 years. Prior positions have included system architecture for the Risk Solutions Fabrication Systems, system architecture for the LexisNexis online system, project management, product management, and product development. Dr. Holt holds a PhD and an MS in Computer Science from Wright State University, an MBA from Wright State University, and a BS in Data processing from the University of Dayton.

  3. David de Hilster, Consulting Software Engineer, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group - Watch Recording
    The ECL IDE goes multi-language - Computer languages that is!

    The ECL IDE is named such because it is the best interface for programming ECL on the planet. But in the last few years, other languages have sprung up around it that generate ECL and they are being used more and more by the HPCC community. In response to this shift, a new multi-language ECL IDE is to the rescue! DUDE, HIPIE, SALT, ESDL, and KEL are now recognized by the new ECL IDE and are starting to make juggling all these different type files much more visually intuitive and functionally seamless.

    David de Hilster is a consulting software engineer working on the development efforts of the ECL IDE component of the HPCC Systems platform. David has more than 20 years’ experience in research, design, programming, and bringing innovative ideas to the market place. David has developed numerous software designs including a resume processor, an online card room, and a Visual Studio-like environment for creating analyzers that process human language. Known for rapid prototyping, enthusiasm, creativity, and ability to communicate technical ideas to non-technical clients.

  4. Jessica Lorti, Director, Technology Marketing, HPCC Systems, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group - Watch Recording
    HPCC Systems  - New Website Preview

    Jessica provides an update on our latest HPCC Systems Website initiatives and demo the upcoming redesign.

    Jessica comes from an extensive background defining and implementing strategic programs across a variety of marketing disciplines for the technology, financial services, and energy industries. She has held senior marketing roles at GE, Intel, Compaq and Grant Thornton where she managed product marketing and brought new technologies to market, developed and launched social media and online marketing efforts, and developed new business models in conjunction with sales and key corporate partners.

    Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science in International Economics from Texas Tech University and a Masters in International Management with a concentration in Marketing from Thunderbird, the Global School of International Management.  She has also earned the LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

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