HPCC Systems 7.2.x Releases

Welcome to the Red Book for HPCC Systems® 7.2.x series. There are several sections in this Red Book as follows:

  • General HPCC Systems core platform 
  • Significant new features core platform

Users may benefit from glancing at other Red Book entries when making a large jump between releases.

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General HPCC Systems core platform

New - Encountering an issue where embedded Java fails

The platform does not currently always enforce a Java Development Kit (JDK) dependency and the embedded Java plugin (javaembed) can fail if a JDK is not available. If you encounter this error, install the appropriate JDK for your Ubuntu distro or the openjdk-devel package for Centos. 


HPCC Systems now supports OpenSSL Version 1.1 on Windows

Updated version of the library to support OpenSSL 1.1.


New option to disallow code in a manifest

This new security option allows you to disallow JAR, C and C++ files or only allow them when signed. This is controlled using the allow=cpp option when configuring the eclccserver (as shown in eclcc help):

Features controlled by --allow, --allowsigned and --deny:

all                Indicates all features not specifically overridden using one of the below.
userECL     User-supplied ECL code. If disallowed, only checked in code is allowed.
datafile      Access to datafilee
extern        Ability to define external code via SERVICE
cpp            Ability to embed non-ECL code (C++, Java etc)

More information is available in the ECL Programmers Guide.


envgen now supports Spark

You can now create an environment.xml file with Spark support from the command line. 


Changes to Std.Date in HPCC Systems 7.2.x (see also the HPCC Systems 7.0.x RedBook)

New ISO 'week dates' helper function

Calculates the 1-based week number of a date starting from a reference date.


New 'datetime' difference function
Returns the difference in seconds between two datetime stamps.


Significant new features core platform

Embedded Java enhancements

HPCC Systems 7.2.0 includes improvements that make it much simpler to call simple Java code from ECL. You can now use EMBED and IMPORT so that your code can be placed right in your ECL file and the relevant classes will be compiled and distributed within the workunit and loaded as needed on demand.

For more detailed information read this blog, which includes code examples and usage guidance. See also the following related JIRA issues:

Datasets passed to R dataframes now use vectors rather than lists

This allows for simpler R code and is more compatible with expected R behaviour.


Streaming write support and JSON request handling

HPCC Systems now includes support for streaming write interface (including indexes and pluggable file formats) to dafilesrv. This includes a generic JSON handler so JSON commands can proceed data.


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