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Allowed Pipe Programs

In version 9.2.0 and greater, commands used in PIPE are restricted by default. However, for legacy reasons, the default stock behavior is different in bare-metal and containerized deployments.

In both types of systems, if allowedPipePrograms is unset, then all but "built-in" programs are restricted (The only built-in program currently is 'roxiepipe').

In bare-metal, the default environment.xml includes a line:


This means (by default) any PIPE program can be used.
In a secure system, this should be removed to avoid arbitrary programs, including system programs, from being executed.

Containerized deployments have no default setting for allowedPipePrograms, meaning that by default all programs except the built-in programs are blocked unless explicitly allowed.

For example:

- name: thor           
  prefix: thor         
  numWorkers: 2        
  maxJobs: 4           
  maxGraphs: 2         
  - sort               
  - awk                
  - grep               

New Index compression 

Version 9.2.0 introduces a new index compression format. This format is only implemented when you add one of the new options for the COMPRESSED() attribute to the INDEX definition or the BUILD action.

Indexes using the new format can only be read by systems running 9.2.0 or greater or 9.0.20 or greater. 

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