HPCC Systems 7.12.x Releases

Welcome to the Red Book for HPCC Systems® 7.8.x series. There are several sections in this Red Book as follows:

  • General HPCC Systems core platform 

  • Significant new features core platform


Users may benefit from glancing at other Red Book entries when making a large jump between releases.

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New HPCC Systems Cloud Native Platform

Current development on HPCC Systems includes providing a cloud native version of the platform alongside our bare metal version. To find out how to get started, go to our HPCC Systems is Going Cloud Native Wiki which includes blog posts, videos and links to helm files and relevant GitHub repositories

Our bare metal version is available for download on our website.

General HPCC Systems core platform

NewEncountering an issue where embedded Java fails

The platform does not currently always enforce a Java Development Kit (JDK) dependency and the embedded Java plugin (javaembed) can fail if a JDK is not available. If you encounter this error, install the appropriate JDK for your Ubuntu distro or the openjdk-devel package for Centos. 


Ensure non-OPT KEYED fields after a wild match are keyed fix included in 7.12.30

This change restores the behaviour of keyed limits to match HPCC Systems 6.x x and earlier releases. But it may therefore, change the behaviour of queries previously deployed using HPCC Systems 7.x.x the next time they are compiled. There is a new global option that can be used to select the 7.x .x behaviour if you want to avoid the changed behaviour when recompiling 7.x.x queries. More detailed information is provided in the JIRA issue.


Data Patterns collected for a Thor file stay unchanged after the file is overwritten

The fix for this issue may mean any previously created Data Pattern reports (in ECL Watch) will need to be re-created.


Significant new features core platform


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