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Welcome to the Red Book for HPCC Systems® 5.4.0. Issues found in the entire 5.4.x series are listed here. Where possible, we indicate which release is affected by the issue and the most recently reported items are shown at the top of the list.

The downloads, changelogs and known limitations and other supporting documentation for this release are available on our website. Please read the notes below. There may be settings, features and ECL coding hints that may help you to make the transition with ease. We add to the list when a new item of interest is discovered ot pointed out to us so do keep checking back for updates.

Users upgrading from HPCC Systems® 4.x.x or 5.0.0, will also find it useful to glance over the redbook items from the releases in between.

From HPCC Systems® 5.0.0, the new ECL Watch pages are used as the default, so if you are upgrading from a release using the legacy version, take a look at the ECL Watch Transition and Quick Guide to help you bridge the gap.

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NEW - frunssh causes thormaster to fail due to warning incorrectly interpreted as an error (Fixed in 5.4.4)

The init_thorslave start function contains an rsync call which uses ssh to execute the command. This call was not properly suppressing warnings and banners. The resulting exception caused frunssh to fail which in turn caused the thormaster and slaves to fail. The following error message was displayed in the frunssh log:

ssh result(0):
ERR: Warning: Permanently added <IP Address> to the list of known hosts.
ERROR: /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/CE-Candidate-withplugins-5.4.2-1/CE/ubuntu-14.04-amd64/HPCC-Platform/services/runagent/frunssh.cpp(73) : 
frunssh : ERR: Warning: Permanently added <IP Address> to the list of known hosts.
ssh result(0):

This should just be a warning, but was misinterpreted as an error.


NEW - Roxie compatibility check missing (Fixed in 5.4.6)

The code for checking whether a WU was compiled with too old a version of the compiler is missing in versions 5.2.0 – 5.4.4, though the check is still performed when loading the slave queries. If an incompatible workunit is loaded you may therefore see "Query suspended on slave" errors even though it appears to load successfully on the server. In more severe cases the server may crash when attempting to load the incompatible workunit on the server.

Any deployed workunit created with a compiler OLDER than 5.2.0 needs to be deleted before starting a 5.2.0 or later Roxie. 


Support for VWware Player and server withdrawn after HPCC Systems 5.4.2

From HPCC Systems 5.4.4, VMware® Player or Server will no longer be supported due to licensing issues and users should migrate to Oracle VM VirtualBox® instead. 


Upgrading from previous versions of HPCC Systems

The HPCC platform package naming convention was changed at version 5.2.0. This can cause issues with upgrade installs (e.g., rpm -Uvh or dpkg -i) by leaving multiple packages installed which can prevent the platform from functioning properly.

If you have an installed version prior to 5.2.0, you must uninstall before installing any version after 5.2.0.

For details about the name change, see:


HPCC Systems ECL Plugin for Eclipse requires authorization of the self signed certificate

This plugin does not automatically authenticate with self signed certificates, since doing this would circumvent obvious security safeguards. As with other self signed certificates, you must specifically authorise the certficate on your own computer. On installing the ECL Plugin for Eclipse, a Java error may be produced in the Server Version field when you get to the point when you are trying to establish a server connection:

javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Highlighting that you need to set up an exception.


hpccsystems-nagios monitoring package may require a force install on RPM based system

This issue is caused by the way CMake creates the package. For more information, see this ticket: https://public.kitware.com/Bug/view.php?id=13609

System monitoring icon does not respond when launching ECL Watch for the first time (Fixed in 5.4.4)

On launching ECL Watch for the first time, the Monitoring icon does not respond the first time it is clicked. Simply click a second time and the monitoring page will be displayed as requested. This was reported against HPCC Systems 5.4.0 but was resolved in version 5.4.4-1


Restart needed for ECL IDE after downloading GraphViewer in ECL Watch

When installing a clean version of the platform, you may find that graphs are not displaying in ECL IDE and you need to install the new Graph Viewer. To do this, go to ECL Watch and you will be prompted to confirm that you want to use the new Graph Viewer. After confirming in ECL Watch, restart the ECL IDE and your graphs will be displayed.


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