2019 Tech Talks Catch-up

Missed a tech talk? Don't worry! Recordings are available to help you catch up on all the topics we've covered so far. Find out more details, including the link to the recording, slides and recap blog for each Tech Talk.

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 29 - Thursday November 14th 2019

  • HPCC Systems Intern Project: Analyzing Telematics Data to Support the Connected Cars Industry

  • HPCC Systems Intern Project: Cleaning and Analysis of Collegiate Soccer GPS Data in HPCC Systems

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 28 - HPCC Systems Community Day Recordings 2019

We took this Tech Talk 'on the road' as part of our Community Day Summit.

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 27 - Thursday September 17th 2019

  • HPCC Systems Intern Project: Developing and Assessing Unsupervised Anomaly Detections Methods using HPCC Systems

  • HPCC Systems Intern Project: Domain Based Common Words List Using High Dimensional Representation of Text

  • HPCC Systems Intern Project: Expanding HPCC Systems Deep Neural Network Capabilities - Create HPCC Systems VM on Hyper V

  • Security and HPCC Systems - Cryptographic ECL Standard Library

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 26 - Thursday August 22nd 2019

  • HPCC Systems Intern Project: Cluster Deployment with Juju Charm

  • HPCC Systems Intern Project: Fraud Detection in Value Based Cards

  • HPCC Systems Intern Project: Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms

  • HPCC Systems Intern Project: Interfacing Octave with  ECL

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 25 - Thursday July 19th 2019

Our summer review edition featuring:

  • Dapper - A bundle to make your ECL neater

  • Deep Sequence Learning in Traffic Prediction and Text Classification

  • ECL Tips and Trick: The Top Ten Common ECL Compiler/Runtime Errors, and how to correct them

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 24 - Thursday May 23rd 2019

  • Cervical Cancer Risk Factors: Exploratory Analysis using HPCC Systems

  • Automatically cluster your data with the HPCC Systems massively scalable K-Means machine learning bundle 

  • ECL Tips and Tricks: DICTIONARY - It's Syntax and Use

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 23 - Thursday April 25th 2019 

  • An Investigation into Time Series Analysis

  • TextVectors - Machine Learning for Textual Data

  • ECL Tips and Tricks: Leveraging the power of HPCC Systems. Using AGGREGATE

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 22 - Thursday March 21st 2019

  • HPCC Systems as a Service (HaaS)

  • New ECL IDE features in HPCC Systems 7.0

  • ECL Tip: A Tiny Trove of TABLE tidbits

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 21 - Thursday February 21st 2019

  • HPCC Systems - An IoT use case for Payments

  • Dynamic ESDL has become more dynamic in HPCC Systems 7.0.0

  • ECL Tip: All about the ECL SET

HPCC Systems Tech Talk 20 - January 24th 2019

  • Dapper - A bundle to make your ECL neater

  • Update on Academic Collaborations

  • ECL Tip: The Seven Faces (Forms) of Dr. LOOP (Function)

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