HPCC Systems Community Catchup 2019

Our community is extremely active, contributing in many way to our open source project. We'd like to share their achievements and celebrate their successes with you. Thank you to our community users for your continued support, contributions and inspiring stories. 

Learn about the diverse, sometimes surprising and often inspiring contributions and uses cases for HPCC Systems and if you have a success story of your own, get in touch and tell us about it.


Notable Mentions


Notable Mentions

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Machine Learning
Intern Projects 2019

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Academic collaborations and Interns

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2019 Poster Contest
2019 Tech Talks
2019 Community Day

Our poster winners and community engagement award winners

Presentation from our interns Tech Talk 26, Tech Talk 27 and Tech Talk 29

Community Day Presentations:

HPCC Systems Blog

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HPCC Systems and the Cloud:
Path to the CloudSetting up a default cluster using Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure, Deploying on Microsoft Azure
CodeDay 2019, Kennesaw State University Hackathon
Machine Learning
TextVectors, DBSCAN, Massively Scalable K Means
Securing your big data platform, Cryptographic Standard Library ECL Module
Features and enhancements
Embedded Java, Dynamic ESDL, Dapper Bundle, WsStore
ECL Language
Distribute, TABLE Tidbits, ECL SET, LOOP
Does AI have Ethics, Ethical AI for Mutual Benefit, Data for Good 

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