ECL Code Documentation Generator Improvements

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Project Description

Make major improvements to the ECL Code Documentation Generator (ECLDoc), written in Python. 

ECLDoc analyzes the ECL Code structure and produces documentation in HTML and PDF formats.  The project requires analyzing the weaknesses of the current system, recommending improvements, implementing key improvements, testing, documentation, and producing a supportable github repository. 

The successful candidate will develop Python programming skills, get some exposure to ECL, and gain perspective by taking a project from inception through production.

Completion of this project involves : TBC 

By the mid term review we would expect you to have:

  • TBC.


Roger Dev
Contact Details

Backup Mentor: TBD
Contact Details 

Skills needed
  • Knowledge of ECL. Training manuals and online courses are available on the HPCC Systems website.

  • Knowledge of distributed computing techniques

  • Perform substantial transformation of the source data to create usable features

  • Develop additional features through Shapelet Mining of the data series

  • Apply Random Forest machine learning to classify cards as fraudulent or non-fraudulent.  

  • Test code demonstrating the correctness and performance of the algorithm.

  • Supporting documentation.

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