Provide test code for bundles with no self test

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Project Description

There are several Bundles (collections of data structures and ECL codes) developed for HPCC systems to provide complex functionality like Machine Learning features for ECL programmers.

HPCC System officially supports a set of those Bundles. (The whole list of supported Bundles can be viewed with this command: 'ecl bundle search’).

The aim of this project to add unit or acceptance test to each bundle to test its functionality and ensure any further development work doesn't introduce regression or alter the functionality without any footprint.
We already have one unit/acceptance/confidence test for BPblas bundle which is located its ecl directory and give some basic functionality test of this and ML_Core bundle. (Please take a look into it to get some impression.)

Our second aim to develop this self-testing mechanism is to integrate all supported bundles testing in our automated Smoke and Overnight Build and Test (OBT) systems.

If you are interested in this project, please contact Attila Vamos.

Completion of this project involves:

  • <Add 4+ high level tasks to be completed>

By the mid term review we would expect you to have:

  • <What must be completed to pass the evaluation and continue on to complete the project>


Attila Vamos
Contact Details

Backup Mentor: TBD
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Skills needed
  • <See below some ideas add ones appropriate to the project.>

  • Ability to build and test the HPCC system (guidance will be provided).

  • Ability to write test code. Knowledge of ECL is not a requirement since it should be possible to re-use existing code with minimal changes for this purpose. Links are provided below to our ECL training documentation and online courses should you wish to become familiar with the ECL  language.



  • <Deliverable(s) to be achieved>

End of project

  • <Deliverables expected by the end of the internship>

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