Kennesaw State University Hackathon 2020

HPCC Systems is a sponsor this event as part of our academic program. It is hosted by the College of Computing and Software Engineering at KSU.

Date of the event

September 14-19th 2020






This event is open to all KSU CCSE students (ACS, BASIT, IT, CS, SWE, and CGDD) who have passed their first few programming courses. Graduate students who have exempted all transitional courses or have passed at least three 5000 transition courses are also eligible.


HPCC Systems Hackathon Team

Big Data Analytics on HPCC Systems


Impact of Covid19 on Aviation Industry

Challenge Instruction

All information is provided on KSU-2020-Hackathon 

Quick look at ECL

General Instructions

Rating Criteria

  1. Innovation involved

  2. Understanding of Big Data patterns and its application to HPCC Systems.

  3. Team work and execution

  4. Problem that was chosen

  5. How you approached the solution

  6. Display results

  7. Drawing conclusion

  8. Demo of work via a PowerPoint presentation or live demo

Mentors available during the Hackathon

The following mentors will be on site for the duration of the event: 

Jeremy Clements

Lili Xu

Chris Human

Bahar Fardanian

Slack Channel

Announced at event time

What can I do to prepare?

Looking for more?

I have questions, who do I ask?

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