2020 Poster Contest - Virtual Judging

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This year, our 2020 Poster Contest took place virtually with judges viewing the resources available on this wiki.

We held virtual Q and A meetings to give judges the opportunity to find out more about the students and their work. Judging 13 posters covering a wide range of topics, focusing in detail on the work completed is no mean feat! But our judges were more than up for the task, taking time and care to evaluate each poster.

There were 13 poster entries with students represented 4 continents and the entire academic spectrum from high school through to PhD level. In some ways, introducing the virtual aspect made judging a little easier. We were able to accommodate presenters in different time zones around the world, as well as school/university schedules. Everyone had their slot and time with our judges, Raju Nagarajan, Ken Rowland, Nicole Navarro and Jingqing Zhang.

While each student may have been 'put on the spot' by the judges with questions at some point, it was also a fun and friendly event. Below are some photos taken at each event showing smiling faces all around!

Group 1 - Q and A Meeting

Featuring Poster Presenters:

Ambu Karthik
RV College of Engineering, India

Implementation of Generative Adversarial Networks in HPCC Systems using GNN Bundle

Atreya Bain
RV College of Engineering, India

HSQL: An SQL-like language for HPCC Systems

Varsha Jenni
RV College of Engineering, India

Hybrid Density-based Adaptive clustering using Gaussian kernel and Grid Search

Nathan Halliday

The Parallel Workflow Engine

 Best Poster - Platform Enhancement

Group 2 - Q and A Meeting

Featuring Poster Presenters:

Gurman Singh
North Carolina State University

The Making of an Agriculture Data Lake

Johny Chen Jy
Federal University of Santa Catarina, (UFSC), Brazil

Deltabase caching solutions: an exploratory analysis for increasing ROXIE queries performance

Lucas Varella
Federal University of Santa Catarina, (UFSC), Brazil

A Cross Provider Assessment for HPCC Systems Container Orchestration

Matthias Murray
New College of Florida

Applying HPCC Systems TextVector to SEC Filings

Group 3 - Q and A Meeting

Featuring Poster Presenters:

Jack Fields
American Heritage School of Boca/Delray

Using HPCC Systems GNN Bundle with TensorFlow to Train a Model to Find Known Faces Leveraging the Robotics API

Community Choice Award

Robert Kennedy
Florida Atlantic University

Distributed GPU Accelerated Neural Networks with GNN

Best Poster - Data Analytics

Vannel Zeufack
Kennesaw State University

Preprocessing Bundle for HPCC Systems Machine Learning Library

Jefferson Mao
Lambert High School, Georgia

HPCC Systems on Google Anthos

Best Poster - Use Case

Yash Mishra
Clemson University

Leveraging and Evaluating Kubernetes Support on Microsoft Azure

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