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Shivani C H is studying for a Bachelor of Engineering and Computer Science at the RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru, India.

Shivani is extremely fascinated in exploring new areas of interest and is a detail-oriented person with a positive attitude towards learning. She was introduced to understanding and leveraging the potential of HPCC Systems as a part of the “Big Data Analytics using distributed platform,” course offered by RVCE in association with LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group. Her project reflects her learning experience gained from taking  this course.

Poster Abstract

With the global outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, it has become crucial to track the active cases and vaccination data in order to analyse the current situation and trends. Hence, a systematic way of collecting, processing, enhancing, analysing and visualising the data and trends for better understanding has been very much needed. Through this project, we aim to provide the users with the required information about the covid cases since it’s outburst and the vaccination data in different states of India and country as a whole.

We plan to analyse the existing covid data collected using basic ECL language on the HPCC Systems platform to give the requested consolidated information to the user. This process includes data preprocessing, data enhancement, analysis and visualizations to understand the retrieved data in a better way. We aim to achieve the following objectives displayed in the poster:

  1. Displaying various covid vaccination details until current day, various covid vaccination details on the given day, details about covid cases and tests done until the current day.

  2. Visualizations are created for every analysis done and conclusions derived from data helps to understand the trends and learn better.

    • State-wise vaccination trends for cumulative data till now.

    • State-wise vaccination details for any given date.

    • Cumulative state-wise data till any given date.

    • State-wise covid cases registered till current day.


In this Video Recording, Shivani provides a tour and explanation of her poster content.

COVID-19 Cases and Vaccination Data Tracker in India

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