Posters - 2022 Academic Partner Projects

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The students featured below worked with with our academic partners in 2022. This year's poster contest features a large number of entries from RVCE in India, who launched their Centre of Excellence for Cognitive Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Solutions in 2022. We are delighted to collaborate with them in this venture and it is wonderful to see so many entries from RVCE students interested in taking advantage of this new venture. Find out more about our collaboration with RVCE here.

We also accepted 5 posters from students studying at academic institutions in Brazil through collaborations with our colleagues in the LexisNexis office in Brazil. find out more about the academic program in Brazil by reading this blog by Hugo Watanuki.

Winning Posters are indicated below or alternatively, visit our wiki page dedicated to our 2022 Poster Contest Award Winners.

Find out about the posters submitted by our Class of 2022 HPCC Systems Interns.

Bruno Moura Valle Costa
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Estimating the Number of Clusters for the K-Means Algorithm

Manoj M
RVCE, India
Underwater Mine Detection

Nathalia Ribas
Federal University of Santa Caterina, Brazil
HPCC Systems Log Monitoring in the Cloud

2022 Winner of the Community Choice Award

Pedro Lima Rodrigues
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Feelings Detection in Social Media Posts

Shreyasha Joshi
RVCE, India
HPCC Systems and Edge Detection

2022 Winner of the Best Poster Research Award

Shrikar Swaroop
RVCE, India
Single Shot Multibox Detection

Swaraj S Somanache
RVCE, India
Concrete Compressive Strength Prediction




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