Posters - 2022 HPCC Systems Intern Projects

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It is a requirement of our intern program that students create a poster illustrating their project achievements. It is not a requirement to enter the contest, although most do. Take a look (below) at the full list of posters entered by our Class of 2022 Interns.

All posters were displayed during our 2022 Virtual Community Day Summit with attendees voting for their favourite poster, resulting in the presenting of our Community Choice Award to the poster presenter receiving the most votes on the day. Our Poster Judges voted for the 4 other awards in the following categories:

  • Best Poster - Data Analytics

  • Best Poster - Platform Enhancement

  • Best Poster - Use Case

  • Best Poster - Research

Winning Posters are indicated below or alternatively, visit our wiki page dedicated to our 2022 Poster Contest Award Winners.

Find out about the posters submitted by students working with our academic partners

Amy Ma
Stoneman Douglas High School FL
Documentation: Data Patterns

Ananya Gupta
Clemson University
Nepali NLP Initiative

2022 Winner of the Best Poster Data Analytics Award

Arun Gaonkar
North Carolina State University
Applying the Causality Toolkit to Real World Datasets

Elizabeth Lorti
Kings College, London
Technology Branding and Marketing

Jack Del Vecchio
Miami University of Ohio
Interfacing MongoDB into ECL

2022 Winner of the Best Poster Platform Enhancement Award

Noah Seligson
University of Central Florida
Provide Test Code for Bundles with no Self Test

2022 Winner of the Best Poster Use Case Award

Shivam Singhal
University of Oulu, Finland
Improving the HPCC Systems Bundles Document Generator

Zheyu Shen
Columbia University
Causality Algorithm Development

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