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Carlos is a Senior in high school at American Heritage School Palm Beach. He is part of the high school math team and FRC robotics team. He is also the director of programming for Stallion Robotics and is proficient in Java and Python. Carlos has various interests outside of academics from painting miniatures to playing video games. He wants to continue to study mathematics and computer science at university and hopes to major in computer science.

Poster Abstract

Throughout the years American Heritage School has been a longstanding academic partner with HPCC Systems. Through this partnership and multiple interns from American Heritage, an autonomous security robot was created and continually improved upon. This new project was designed to investigate a new possibility on whether generative AI could be used to generate human-like responses in robots. During this project a generalized interface was created for HPCC Systems to access GPT and ChatGPT. From there the steps were taken to use HPCC Systems to train a neural network model capable of classifying faces into different emotions. These emotions would then be processed by the interface to create a call to OpenAI’s API from which an appropriate response would be generated. This response would be designed to change based on the emotions classified by the neural network and most importantly due to the use of generative AI would be different even with the same emotional classification. This endeavor suggests that emotion driven interactions between humans and robotics is a promising avenue of future research.


In this Video Recording, Carlos provides a tour and explanation of his poster content.

Practical Application of Generative AI Technology 

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