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Elizabeth is a Bachelor student entering her final year studying International Development. She initially joined the HPCC Systems marketing and branding internship last year, and this year, has focused on a project centered on assisting the Technology Summit and Community Day events, social media updates and introductions, and further marketing content. You can learn more about her project at https://elizabethinternship-summer2023.blogspot.com/

Poster Abstract

When I first began this internship a year ago, I was mainly focused on understanding messaging and communications more so I could apply it to the career path I wanted to follow in the future- International Development. Having gained experience in marketing, messaging and communications, I feel as though it is something I really enjoy doing and am looking forward to eventually using my knowledge and experience to work in NGOs and other development agencies after university education. Through this internship, I have gained valuable skills that will help me in future work opportunities in a topic that I love. Hence, being able to continue this internship and further my understanding of communications, branding, marketing and social media will be incredibly beneficial for me in the future and is something I’m incredibly interested in advancing. 
As a returning HPCC Systems intern and one that has worked year-round on maintaining social media, this year, I completed a review of my own social media contributions and strategy to see what could be done to improve, as well as will conducted interviews among stakeholders and recorded minutes to best understand and communicate the needs of the Technology Summit and Community Day stakeholders.  


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