Suk Hwang Hong - Poster presentation entry 2016

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Column Level Security on HPCC Systems

Suk joined the HPCC Systems platform team as part of the LexisNexis intern program. Suk, a final year student studying Computer Science at Georgia Tech, worked alongside Russ Whitehead (Architect, HPCC Systems) during the summer of 2016. His project was to develop a proof of concept focusing on controlling access to columns in delivered data from queries for users who simply run these deployed queries. Russ and Suk have implemented the recommendation he made and a front end to allow easy user access to the features is under development by other members of the HPCC Systems platform team. A second phase to extend this to columns in huge flat files in Thor, is also planned. There’s a blog featuring Suk’s work if you want to find out more.

Suk's poster presentation entered into our competition held on Community Day at the HPCC Systems Engineering Summit in 2016. 

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