Vivek Nair - Poster presentation entry 2016

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2nd Place Winning Entry 

Empowering the ECL-ML Library

Vivek Nair (PhD Student in Computer Science) joined the HPCC Systems intern program in the summer of 2016 from North Carolina State University. His PhD thesis is about exploring fast ways to configure systems. His intern project had 2 objectives:

  1. To benchmark the ECL-ML library with other implementations but in the process, it would be possible to extract a slimmed down version of these algorithms to provide a regression test suite tailored specifically for the Machine Learning Library which would take under 1 hour to run. 

  2. To add Machine Learning Plugins to the Data Science Portal which would provide easy access to distributed ML algorithms while eliminating the need for new/beginner ECL users to learn the more advanced ECL techniques required for this level of data analysis.

Read more about this project and others completed by Vivek for HPCC Systems are available in the HPCC Systems blog.

Vivek's prize winning poster presentation entered into our competition held on Community Day at the HPCC Systems Engineering Summit in 2016. 

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