Lily Xu - Poster presentation entry 2016

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Yinyang K-Means Clustering Algorithm in HPCC Systems 

Lily is a PhD student studying Computer Science at Clemson University. She implemented this clustering algorithm in ECL to be included in the HPCC Systems Machine Learning Library. This algorithm is faster and scales better than the classic K-means algorithm and as such, is a welcome addition to the HPCC Systems Machine Learning Library. The algorithm is working well on Roxie and Lily is working towards getting it to work just as fast on Thor. Edin Muharemagic was her mentor. Lily hopes to produce a proposal to extend this work as part of another HPCC Systems internship in 2017. There’s a blog featuring her work so far if you want to find out more.

Lily's poster presentation entered into our competition held on Community Day at the HPCC Systems Engineering Summit in 2016. 

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